Accomodates 14 characters across and six lines down.

Cost: $250

4" X 8"


8" X 8"

The Banks-Dolbeer historic home is always accepting donations to continue renovation efforts and fundraise for community events. If you would like to make a donation of any size please follow the link below to the pay pal account hosted through the Walled Lake City website:


Are you interested in volunteering your time and effort to help restore this historical landmark and preserve the rich heritage of your community? We'd love your help! Join the dedicated individuals committed to improving the house and increasing historical community awareness. Please fill out the form below and/or feel free to join us at one of our monthly Friends meetings the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Meetings are located at the Walled Lake City Library (meetings are subject to occational change or cancellation).

Each year the Friends of the Banks-Dolbeer Historic Home install personalized bricks purchased and ordered by generous members of our community like you. Your brick(s) will be a permanent part of the brick walkway leading to the house. Your message will be there for friends and neighbors to see whenever they visit the park and your generous gift is important to the restoration of the Banks-Dolbeer Historic Home. You can order bricks for friends, relatives, or anyone you want to remember.


The Banks-Dolbeer Historic Home

Accomodates 14 characters across and three lines down.

Cost: $75